Curriculum Committee


To review and maintain curriculum at WNC.

Mission & Values

The mission of the Curriculum Committee is to assure all curricula, both existing and new, at WNC meets acceptable standards for academic integrity, academic rigor, service to students, and service to the communities associated with WNC. The committee shall also ensure that these curricula conform to appropriate national standards, NSHE system code, and WNC bylaws.

Committee Goals

1. Review and make recommendations regarding the curriculum for all new and existing degrees, programs, emphases, majors, certificates, and courses at WNC.

2. Develop and recommend policies and procedures for reviewing new and existing curricula at WNC to the College Council.

3. Develop procedures regarding the steps involved in submitting, reviewing, and recommending changes to the curriculum at WNC at the start of each academic year.

4. Review the curriculum of all educational programs completing program review. 5. Provide leadership in the development of curricula for WNC.


Committee Chair:

Eric York, Academic Faculty (Chair)

Geraldine Pope, Accreditation and Curriculum Management Coordinator (Co-chair)


Curriculum Committee Bylaws