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For more information about ROADS, contact Michael Boreham, WNC Workforce Development Liaison at 775-470-9242 or email him at

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WNC contributes to solutions for the 21st century by providing effective educational pathways for the students and communities of Nevada.


WNC is an integral and innovative educational partner fostering equity and a life of learning in an inclusive environment for the evolving, diverse communities we serve.


WNC is student centered, inquiry driven, and data informed as we nurture community connections and promote an environment of equity and inclusion.

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Participation in the ROADS Programs is funded through the Department of Education, Training and Rehabilitation. Students participating in the ROADS Program must be motivated to advance in theircareers with the intent of living and working in northern Nevada immediately following certification or degree attainment. Business partners willing to offer mentorship, job-shadowing, company tours, mock interviews and career opportunities for students are needed to support the program. The purpose of the program is to grow and strengthen the Northern Nevada Skilled Workforce. The program includes, but is not limited to, Manufacturing, Health Care, Information Technology and Building Trades. Certain programs can be tailored to fit industry and business needs.