Most Financial Aid forms can be completed online. Any documents needing to be faxed or mailed (PDF forms, accompanying documents, etc.) may experience a delay in processing.

For quicker processing, any documents needing to be faxed or mailed, may be uploaded securely via our Secure Document Upload form. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (775) 445 3264.

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Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FAFSA on the Web [Online Form/Website]


Financial Aid Verification Form [Online Form/Website]
Statement of Educational Purpose [Online Form/Website]
(This form must be completed and signed in front of a Financial Aid Staff member at the Carson or Fallon Campus)
Statement of Educational Purpose 2022-2023 [PDF]
(Students who are unable to make it to the Carson or Fallon Campus, have the option to complete the Statement of Educational Purpose
in front of a Notary using this PDF Form)

Important Financial Aid Forms

Veteran Education Benefits

Air Force Transcripts [Online Form/Website]
Joint Service Transcripts [Online Form/Website]
Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard
VA SAP Appeal Form [Online Form/Website]
Veterans Data Form* [Online Form/Website]
*Required Each Semester

Special Circumstances

Millennium Scholarships

Student Loans

College Student Loan Code of Conduct [DOC]
Entrance Loan Counseling Session [Online Form/Website]
Exit Loan Counseling Session [Online Form/Website]
Federal PLUS Loan Request [PDF]
Loan Request Form [Online Form/Website]
Loan Revision Form [Online Form/Website]