What We Do

The Controllers Office provides a system for financial reporting and accountability of all Western Nevada College and college-related funds and is responsible for collection, disbursement and custody of these funds. The Controllers Office provides a number of services including the following:

    • Cashiering
    • Student Fee Assessment and Collection
    • Accounts Payable
    • Travel
    • Purchasing Card
    • General accounting
    • Internal audit assistance
    • Grants Management
    • Financial Statement preparation


We aspire to build a better tomorrow through financial integrity and accountability to our students, staff, communities and generations who come after us.


The mission of the Controllers Office is to provide superior customer service to students, staff, faculty, departments, and outside constituents with a focus on reliable and relevant financial information, fiscal accountability and compliance with laws, regulations and policies.


    1. To assist students in understanding and fulfilling their financial obligations associated with their college tuition which aids in paving the way to academic success.
    2. To be the best in providing support in all college financial transactions. Our goal is to assist the college community to the best of our ability in regards to any financial transaction that they may encounter.
    3. Prepare annual financial statements, reports for administration, Board of Regents, Chancellors Office, grantors and State government in a manner that complies with all regulations, accounting standards and policies in a professional and timely matter.

Contact Us

Controller’s Office
Bristlecone Building, Room 105
2201 West College Parkway, Carson City, NV 89703