Having trouble with your password?

Please visit our WNCAnywhere password assistance page for additional help.

Password Assistance

You're using your WNCAnywhere account, right?

WNC provides all users with a WNC Anywhere Login that will log you in to:

New Students

If this is your first semester, Canvas will not be available until 5 days before the start of the new semester.


Your username to this new login is your student ID with a w in front of it. If your student ID was 1001234567, then your username will be w1001234567.  If you are a student AND an employee you will use employee information to login to your accounts.

Please visit https://intranet.wnc.edu/activate/ to activate your new account if you have not done so already.

Faculty, Staff & Student Employees

Your username will be in a first.last name format. For example, if your name is Mike Smith, then mike.smith is your username.

Your account is provided to you when you begin employment during the onboarding process.

Still having trouble?


Admissions and Records (775) 445-3277

Non academic staff

The Information team will transfer you to appropriate department (775) 445-3000


Your academic department

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: 775-445-4253
  • Workforce, Career and Technical Education: (775) 445-4272
  • Nursing and Allied Health: (775) 445-3294