Some Admissions and Records forms can be completed online. Any documents needing to be faxed or mailed (PDF forms, accompanying documents, etc.) may experience a delay in processing. For quicker processing, any documents needing to be faxed or mailed, may be uploaded securely via our Secure Document Upload form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (775) 445 3277.

Forms & Downloads

Academic Renewal

Students who meet eligibility requirements may petition to have an entire semester of course work disregarded in all calculations regarding academic standing and grade point average.

Admission Semester Change Request [Online Form/Website]

This form is for students who wish to attend a semester that is earlier than what the student originally requested on their application for admission. Only students with an active WNC account should submit this form.

Application for Admission to the BAS Construction Management Program [PDF]

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Applied Science Construction Management program, a student must complete a minimum of 30 college semester units with a minimum 2.0 GPA, including at least 12 units in degree applicable construction courses and 12 units in degree applicable general education courses, including English 101 with a grade of C or better. Additional information may be found on the application.

Students are encouraged to declare an Associate of Applied Science in Technology Construction until they meet the requirements for admission into the BAS Construction program.

Application for Admission to the BAS Organization and Project Management Program [PDF]

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Applied Science Organization and Project Management program, a student must have obtained an associate degree in any subject/field from a regionally accredited college/institution with a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

Application for Graduation [Online Form/Website]

The deadlines for filing for graduation are: November 1 for fall semester, March 1 for spring semester, and June 15 for summer semester.

Challenge Examination Request [PDF]

Students who believe they have accumulated extensive knowledge of the content of a course outside of formal classroom instruction may request to challenge a course for credit, subject to instructor and Director of Admissions and Records approval. Refer to form for challenge examination policies and instructions.

Degree Program Change Form[Online Form/Website]
This form is for students to officially declare change of majors for degree or certificate programs, or to change to degree/certificate seeking to non-degree/certificate seeking or vice versa.

Duplicate Diploma Request [Online Form/Website]

Enrollment Limit Increase Request[PDF]
To request approval to enroll in more than 18 units during a Fall or Spring semester or more than 12 units in a Summer semester.

Enrollment Request To Add Classes[Online Form/Website]
To request Admissions and Records staff to enroll students in classes.

Enrollment Request (Special Circumstances)[PDF]
This form is for enrollment under special circumstances, such as extended periods of technical difficulties that prevent self-service registration.

Even Exchange Enrollment Request[PDF]
For students who want to drop and add full-term classes during the second week of the semester. Course units to add must be equal to or greater than course units to drop. Instructor approval is required for course(s) to add. Dropped classes approved for even exchange will be removed from a student transcript.

Former Nevada Foster Youth Request for Waiver of Registration Fees[PDF]
Students who were in Nevada Foster Care at the age of 14 or over and are currently under the age of 26 may be eligible for a waiver of registration fees.

High School Authorization Form[Online Form/Website]
This form is required for students currently in high school who wish to register for WNC classes, including students taking dual credit classes paid for by their high school and students applying for the Jump Start program. New students will need to also submit an Application for Admission.

Late Registration Enrollment Request[PDF]
For enrollment or reinstatement in full-term classes after the first week of the semester or for enrollment in short-term classes after the class begins. Instructor approval required.

Math Class Exchange Form[PDF]
In accordance with Nevada System of Higher Education policy, degree seeking students must remain enrolled in a math class to assist with student success and degree completion. This form is for students who wish to exchange a math class into a different math class and/or section.

Native American Fee Waiver (NSHE) [Website]                                                                     

The Nevada Board of Regents provides a waiver of certain registration fees to a Native American student who is a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe or nation, all or part of which is located within Nevada, or who is certified by the enrollment department of such tribe or by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as being a descendant of an enrolled member of such tribe or nation, all or part of which is located within Nevada, and meets additional criteria as specified on the form.

The above link goes to the NSHE Forms page. 

  • Select 'Student Affairs Forms'
  • Then select 'Native American Fee Waiver'

Please select the NSHE Native American Fee Waiver form on that page for the most current version.  The NAFW Residency Affidavit is also available within the Student Affairs Forms section.

NSHE Fee Waiver for Veteran Recipients of The Purple Heart[PDF]
The Nevada Board of Regents provides a waiver of certain fees related to registration to eligible veterans who have been awarded the Purple Heart for their service in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Personal Identification Change[PDF]
To update personal identification data.

Petition for Foreign Credit Evaluation[PDF]
For evaluation of transfer credit from a foreign college or other institution.

Petition for Transfer Credit Evaluation[Online Form/Website]
To request transfer credit to be entered into a students records and to determine how transfer credits apply towards a degree or certificate of achievement.

Refund Request Due to Exceptional Circumstances[PDF]
Submit this application if you would like to request an exception to WNCs refund policy. Refer to the form for possible exceptions.

Repeat Adjustment[Online Form/Website]
Students may petition to repeat up to 12 credits with an adjustment to the previous grade(s).

Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information / Privacy Policy[PDF]
Directory information about current and former students may be provided to individuals outside of WNC at the discretion of the institution. This form is for individuals who wish to restrict access to their directory information.

Residency Application[PDF]
To apply for Nevada residency classification for tuition purposes.

Secure Document Upload [Online Form/Website]
Any documents that need to be sent to Admissions and Records (PDF forms, documents to accompany PDF or online forms, etc.) may be uploaded securely via this form.

Time Conflict Request[PDF]
This form is used to request permission from instructors and division chairs to enroll in a class that has a time conflict with another class.

Veterans, Spouses and Dependents: Information Request Form for Determination of Tuition Charges(NSHE)[Website]
For Veterans and their families to request an adjustment of tuition charges for those who are classified as out of state for tuition purposes. The above link goes to the NSHE Forms page. Please select the form on that page for the latest version.

Waiver to Release Records[PDF]
Use the form to authorize an individual WNC staff member or department to disclose information about your WNC educational record to another individual or agency. Students should designate Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, the Business Office, and/or Counseling Services to disclose information in myWNC under Manage Third Party Release in the Student Center.

WUE Application[PDF]
Through the Western Undergraduate Exchange, (WUE), students who have lived as bona fide residents for at least 12 months in an eligible western state may apply for WUE status. Approved WUE students pay 150 percent of the colleges regular resident tuition. Only students who have not yet matriculated to WNC may apply.