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WNC has varying admissions criteria that allows any adult who can benefit from instruction at the college to enroll. 

WNC does not require new students to provide transcripts of previous educational experiences. Any adult may enroll as a non-degree seeking student.

General admission, however, does not necessarily guarantee admission into specific programs or classes.

WNC has admissions criteria for students who declare their education objective to seek a degree or certificate of achievement. Students who have graduated from high school or have obtained a high school equivalency diploma such as the GED, HISET or TASC will satisfy admissions requirements.

Students may be admitted as degree/certificate seeking under alternate criteria by satisfying one of the providing criteria:

  1. Provide evidence of placement test scores at levels that demonstrate college readiness; or
  2. Provide official transcripts from a regionally accredited institution demonstrating successful completion of six college units in English, math, or other general education course, or take the equivalent at WNC.

All new degree or certificate seeking students who have never attended any college will be required to attend a new student orientation session, and meet with a counselor before enrolling for classes.

For information regarding academic programs or classes, contact a counselor or the appropriate academic division. 

Any student who has not taken a credit class in the last two years will need to submit an application for admission prior to registering for a class. Please allow 1-3 business days for the application to be processed. Students will receive emails with their student ID number and password to login to myWNC. Students who do not receive emails within five business days should not apply again. Please contact Admissions and Records.

If assistance is needed, contact Admissions and Records at 775-445-3277, or e-mail

All new students who apply for admission are assessed a one-time $15 application fee when they register for their first credit/unit class. This fee is not deferrable or refundable, even if the courses are full, dropped, or canceled.

  • New students are advised to read the WNC catalog and schedule to become familiar with programs, services, policies, procedures, and deadline information.
  • New students are also encouraged to take placement exams, attend a new student orientation and meet with a counselor for academic planning. Further information can be found on the New Student Checklist.

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Jump Start College

Jump Start College is a partnership between Western Nevada College and 13 western Nevada high schools. It offers high-achieving junior and senior students the opportunity to earn up to 60 college credits prior to their high school graduation.

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Enrollment for High School Students

  • High school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors may enroll with consent from an official at their high school who can verify the student is in good standing.
  • High school students are required to submit a High School Authorization Form each academic year prior to registering.
    • A parental signature is required on the form.
    • To help ensure high school students are ready for the academic rigor of college, a WNC Counselor must approve all high school students for enrollment.
  • A student's high school academic performance, test scores, WNC courses the student plans to take, and the recommendation of a high school official are some of the factors that may be used to determine approval.
  • High School students who have been officially excused from compulsory school attendance on the condition of equivalent instruction outside of the schools (home school students) may be approved on a case-by-case basis for enrollment if the student is a high school junior or senior, or if deemed academically talented if the student is a high school freshman or sophomore.
  • Students below the age of 14:
    • Need to submit an official middle school or high school transcript to verify they are a high school freshman or higher grade level.
    • Permission from the instructor of each class the student wishes to enroll in must be obtained.
    • Approval by a WNC Counselor and by the Director of Admissions and Records or her/his designee must also be granted.
    • Students must submit an Enrollment Request form to enroll.

Students below the high school freshman level may enroll in some non-credit continuing education classes.

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International students enjoy affordable quality education at WNC.

  • Persons wishing to apply for an F-1 Student Visa, either as an initial applicant or as a change to their existing visa status, must apply with Admissions and Records for an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility.
  • International student application packets and a complete list of admission requirements are available in Admissions and Records.
  • Applicants for the I-20 Certificate must complete and file all required documentation with Admissions and Records at least 16 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which they intend to begin their study.
  • Students who have submitted all required documentation and have been approved will be issued the I-20 document with which they may then apply for a Student Visa.

To enroll for classes, approved international students must:

  • Report to Admissions and Records with a current passport, visa, I-94 (port of entry document) and the I-20.
  • Students must meet with an academic advisor and may be required to take English and math placement tests before registering.
  • Based on test results, the student may be required to take additional related courses.

WNC is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. Enrollment limitations differ with respect to the type of visa a student holds. It is the students responsibility to learn and adhere to United States Immigration regulations pertaining to particular visas.

Students holding F-1 visas must be aware of the following regulations:

    1. Full-time enrollment is required for each semester during the students entire program of study. At Western, 12 units constitutes full-time enrollment.
    2. Financial obligations must be met in a timely manner.
    3. Employment may not be accepted without prior authorization from Admissions and Records and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Students on these visas, even when authorized, may not work more than 20 hours per week.
    4. Address and phone number information must be kept current in myWNC and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.
      Passports and I-20s must be kept current.
    5. A tax return must be filed yearly.
    6. The student must sign up and pay for an approved designated health insurance policy for the duration of enrollment.
    7. It is the students responsibility to contact Admissions and Records for detailed information regarding any and all of the above information.

Western Nevada College has an open door admissions policy.  Students who were previously admitted remain active in the system for two years past their last course registration.  Students returning to school after a two year break can reapply and they will be readmitted with the same academic status.  Click on "Apply" at the top of any page on the website page and fill out the admissions application.

Service members returning to school after a service-related absence over two years should reapply and will be readmitted with the same academic status.  Service members are also encouraged to contact the Veterans Resource Center for additional support and assistance.  775-445-3301