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Faculty, staff, students and members of the community support WNC's initiatives through committee, council, or board membership. Each committee serves a purpose and is led by a charge to fulfill the college's mission. Committees often ensure stability through challenging times and create unity through shared efforts to enhance the college community.

All committees serve under the direction of the President's Office

For more information about a committee of interest, please contact the committee chair.

Committee Chairs: Susan Trist; susan.trist and Troy Wadsworth;

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Committee Chair: Geraldine Pope, Accreditation and Curriculum Management Coordinator

Contact: 775-445-4287 |

Composition: Minimum of six members representing a cross-section of faculty and staff, students are optional. 

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President: Suzanna Stankute |

Composition: (4) executive officers, a President, a Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer who must participate in officer duties at the Carson campus, and seven (7) Senators, must be students who are enrolled at Western Nevada College in a minimum of six (6) credits of Full Time Equivalency (FTE) generating approved courses. 

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Committee Chair: Heather Rikalo, Coordinator of Student Life

Contact: 775-445-3241 | 

Composition: Minimum of eleven members representing a cross-section of students, faculty, and staff. 

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Committee Chair: Casey Otto, Budget Director

The committee is composed of twelve members. The members include: Academic Faculty(2), Administrative Faculty(2), Classified Personnel(2), Student Representative. Standing members include: Budget Director, Computing Services Director(or designee), Media Technology Manager, Facilities Director (or designee), Chief Financial Officer (ex officio)

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Committee Chair: Eric York, Professor

Committee Co-Chair: Geraldine Pope, Accreditation and Curriculum Management Coordinator

Contact: 775-445-4287

The membership of the committee is ideally composed of ten voting members and two ex-officio members, with the majority of voting members consisting of academic faculty.

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Non-voting Members:

      • President (Gives final approval or veto of recommendation from voting members; serves as tie breaker if ever necessary)
      • Assistant to the President
  •  Voting Members:
      • Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
      • Chief Financial Officer
      • Academic Faculty Senate Chairperson
      • Adjunct Faculty Member
      • Administrative Faculty Senate Chairperson
      • Classified Council Chairperson
      • ASWN President
      • WNC Foundation Director
      • Academic Directors Representative

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Distance Education Committee

Committee Chair: Justin McMenomy

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Chief Diversity Officer: Angela Holt |

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Foundation Board of Trustees Executive Committee:

  • Chair Tina Picettie, Owner, Visiting Angels of Carson City
  • Vice Chair Michelle Ketten, Vice President - Investments / Private Client Advisor with J.P. Morgan
  • Vice Chair Richard Kohler, Vice President - Investments / Private Client Advisor with J.P. Morgan

Contact: 775-445-3240 |

Composition: Members of the community and Western Nevada College Foundation.

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