WNC Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee


Provide open communication between vendors and the college to foster positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Charge (Mission & Values)

To create a culture of hospitality and service excellence for faculty, staff, students, and visitors in support of the college's mission through open communication.

Committee Goals

- Develop, evaluate, and maintain institutional policies related to Auxiliary Services, and ensure institutional compliance.

- Provide open communication between vendors and the college to foster positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

- Resolve conflicts between vendors and the college community.

- Evaluate plans for changes to existing services or plans for new services considering resources, capacity, student and faculty needs.

- Make recommendations to the executive team regarding auxiliary services including contract renewal, quality of service, and customer satisfaction.

- Lead the Auxiliary Services program review by selecting a team and overseeing the program review process.

Committee Chair: Heather Rikalo, Coordinator of Student Life

Contact: 775-445-3241 | heather.rikalo@wnc.edu


Minimum of eleven members representing a cross-section of students, faculty, and staff.

Members will serve staggered two-year terms. *(V) Voting Member, **(NV) Non-Voting Member, ***(V-TB) Voting Member-Tie Breaker

Membership shall include:

  • WNC student (V)*
  • Academic faculty (V)
  • Administrative faculty (V)
  • Classified staff (V)
  • A representative from the bookstore (standing) (NV)**
  • A representative from the cafe (standing) (NV)
  • A representative for vending (standing) (NV)
  • A representative for Child Development Center (standing) (V)
  • Assistant to Chief Financial Officer- Recorder (standing) (V)
  • Chief Financial Officer (Oversight) (V-TB)***
  • Budget Director (Standing) (V)


Term Ending

Vacancies to Fill (term will end 6/30/25 except as noted)

CFO - Coral Lopez

Operational Oversight

1 x Academic Faculty

1 x Admin Faculty

1 x Classified


Budget Director - Casey Otto


Assistant to the CFO - Shannon Covey


Student Life Coordinator - Heather Rikalo

Standing - Chair

Child Development Center - AnnaLisa Acosta-Rogers


Vending Representative - Reno Albertazzi


Cafe Representative - Vacant


Bookstore Representative - Mark Muzurowski


Administrative Faculty - Natalie Wood


Administrative Faculty - Steve Yingling


Classified - Desirae Blunt-Lamkey





A. The Chair The chair's duties shall be to: - Preside at meetings of the committee or, in case of absence, appoint another member of the committee to preside at meetings. - Prepare and distribute the agenda prior to each meeting.

B. The Recorder The recorder's duties shall be to: - To take roll and record minutes at all meetings - To maintain, on the committee's website: All meeting agendas All meeting minutes All committee reports Any other documents or files created for or used by the committee.

Committee Bylaws

Bylaws of the WNC Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee