College Council


    1. Review and recommend approval of new policies and procedures for WNCs policy manual.
    2. Consider and vote on proposed modifications to or deletions of existing policies and procedures.
    3. Oversee standing committees, subcommittees, and ad hoc committees, as well as create and approve new standing committees, subcommittees, and ad hoc committees as needed.
    4. Serve as a venue to share college program reviews to a diverse audience.
    5. Serve as a platform for sharing information and discussing issues as well as disseminating information from College Council meetings to the college community at large.


Non-voting Members:

      • President (Gives final approval or veto of recommendation from voting members; serves as tie breaker if ever necessary)
      • Assistant to the President
  •  Voting Members:
      • Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
      • Chief Financial Officer
      • Academic Faculty Senate Chairperson
      • Adjunct Faculty Member
      • Administrative Faculty Senate Chairperson
      • Classified Council Chairperson
      • ASWN President
      • WNC Foundation Director
      • Academic Directors Representative