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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
PSY101 General Psychology 3 Credits

Introduces the field of psychology. Covers major principles and their application to the study of human behavior.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY102 Psychology of Personal/Social Adjustment 2 Credits

Focuses on understanding and applying psychological principles and theories to personal development and human relationships.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY120 The Psychology of Human Performance 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101 or consent of instructor Surveys the psychology of human performance. Explores the psychological, emotional, and strategic dimensions of human performance. Emphasis will be to provide students with a comprehensive background that they can apply to their own performance areas.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY130 Human Sexuality 3 Credits

Covers major topics in human sexuality such as gender, sexual anatomy, sexually-transmitted diseases, sexual response and disorders, sexual orientation, sexual coercion, and commercial sex.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY210 Introduction to Statistical Methods 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101,SOC101 & MATH096 or consent of instructor Develops an understanding of statistical methods and training in the useful presentation and interpretation of behavioral science data, including elementary computer use. Same as SOC 210.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY220 Principles of Educational Psychology 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101 or consent of instructor Introduces the application of psychology principles of learning and cognitive development.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY230 Intro to Personality Psychology 3 Credits

Introduces students to personality testing and the major approaches to the study of personality, including the influence of heredity, learning, the unconscious, etc.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY233 Child Psychology 2 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101 or consent of instructor Explains the growth and development of children from conception through early adolescence.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY234 Psychology of Adolescence 2 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101 or consent of instructor Examines psychological development during adolescence with emphasis on special problems in American society: drug abuse, pregnancy, and familial problems.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY240 Introduction to Research Methods 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101 or consent of instructor Introduces how hypotheses are objectively tested in the social sciences, including research design, data collection, and interpretation of results.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY241 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101 or consent of instructor Covers causes, symptoms, and treatments of major psychological disorders, including anxiety, dissociative, mood, somatoform, eating, schizophrenia and substance-related disorders.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY257 Introduction to Positive Psychology 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101. Recommended: COM102 and SOC 101. Explores the scope of this new branch of Psychology. Key topics include: the history of Positive Psychology, positivity, learned optimism, purpose, handling adversity and resilience, happiness and well-being, personality development and integration, and positive relationships.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY261 Introduction to Social Psychology 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101,SOC101 or consent of instructor Examines how the presence of others influences thoughts and behavior, including research on close relationships, persuasion, stereotyping, aggression, and group dynamics.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY275 Undergraduate Research 3 Credits

Prerequisites: PSY101 & PSY210&PSY240 Requires independent or collaborative research.

Course # Course Title Credits
PSY299 Special Topics 1 Credits

Explores special topics which vary across semesters. A maximum of three credits may be applied towards a WNC degree.