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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
MKT127 Introduction to Retailing 3 Credits

Studies an overview of retail merchandising, including buying, pricing, selling, advertising, sales promotion and display principles.

Course # Course Title Credits
MKT210 Marketing Principles 3 Credits

Covers the problems of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the marketing of goods and services. Students will develop a plan applying the marketing principles.

Course # Course Title Credits
MKT250 Introduction to International Marketing 3 Credits

Prerequisites: BUS 101 and MKT210 or consent of instructor Introduces the various functions of marketing as they are performed in the international environment. Focuses on the problems and decisions facing management in international marketing. Considers the impact of difference in language, aesthetics, religion and business customs on marketing strategies.

Course # Course Title Credits
MKT261 Introduction to Public Relations 3 Credits

Prerequisite: BUS 101 and MKT 210 or consent of instructor Introduces the techniques of public relations for those holding supervisory or higher positions in management and marketing. Identifies the principles of creating and maintaining good public relations, including employee-employer relations. Customer-employee relations receive emphasis. Focuses on the programming of the total public relations effort and selecting of appropriate strategy, media and persuasive devices to accomplish objectives.

Course # Course Title Credits
MKT262 Introduction to Advertising 3 Credits

Prerequisite: BUS 101 and MKT 210 or consent of instructor Presents methods and techniques in modern advertising, giving information to do the entire advertising job.

Course # Course Title Credits
MKT295 Work Experience I 1 Credits