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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
NUTR121 Human Nutrition 3 Credits

Prerequisites: None. Offers a beginning course in the principles of human nutrition including a study of each of the major nutrients and how they relate to good health and a well balanced diet. Includes four laboratory experiences.

Course # Course Title Credits
NUTR205 Sports Nutrition: Exercise and Performance 3 Credits

Prerequisite: NUTR 121 Introduces the basic elements of sports nutrition. Presents the scientific basis of the roles played by carbohydrate, fat, protein, water, and key vitamins and minerals as they relate to physical exercise. Presents information on diets during training, timing and composition of pre- and post-competition meals, the use of supplement ergogenic aids. Provides practical evidence based information for the athlete and individuals of all ages wishing to emphasize the role of diet and exercise in promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Course # Course Title Credits
NUTR223 Principles of Nutrition 3 Credits

Prerequisites: BIOL 190 and 190L with a grade of C or better or CHEM 121 with a grade of C or better Studies nutrient functions and basis for nutrient requirements at the cellular level. Three hours lecture.