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Course Descriptions

Mechanical Technology

Course # Course Title Credits
MT115 Industrial And Materials Handling Automation 3 Credits

Prerequisite: AIT 101 Introduces the concepts of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and computerized control operations. Covers basic PLC programming by describing numbering systems, PLC memory organization, PLC programming software and PLC program logic elements.

Course # Course Title Credits
MT130 Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry 3 Credits

Prerequisites: None Introduces the natural gas industry. Includes history of the gas industry, safety issues, and field operations

Course # Course Title Credits
MT132 Natural Gas Pipe Joining 3 Credits

Prerequisite: MT 130 Introduces the concepts of natural gas pipe joining. Includes plastic pipe and metal pipe joining. Covers types of joining: plastic solvent, compression coupling, heat fusion, welded and bolted.

Course # Course Title Credits
MT134 Natural Gas Line Locating & Leak Survey 3 Credits

Prerequisites: MT 130, MT 132 (May be co-enrolled in MT 132) Introduces natural gas pipe leak detection. Includes various pipeline leak configurations and subsystems. Key devices/tools used in the detection of leaks are evaluated. Demonstrates classification, grading and surveying of leaks.

Course # Course Title Credits
MT160 Hydraulic Power 3 Credits

Prerequisite: AIT 101 Introduces the concepts of how to connect and operate basic hydraulic components and systems, read circuit diagrams and monitor system operation. Exposes students to key topics in hydraulic power and safety, principles of hydraulic pressure and flow, and hydraulic speed control circuits in a wide array of applications.