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Course Descriptions

Early Childhood Education

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE121 Parent Care Relations 1 Credits

Helps students acquire various communication skills to enhance parent/caregiver relationships. Covers interpersonal communication, listening skills and cooperative problem solving.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE122 Observation Skills 1 Credits

Provides parents and teachers various formal and informal methods to enhance their observation and assessment skills. Discussion includes methods for use with developmentally delayed children.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE123 Health & Nutrition for the Young Child 1 Credits

Examines the health and nutritional needs of young children. Develops skills in menu planning, selecting safe equipment and toys, routines to ensure good health and policies on illness.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE129 Environment for Infant/Toddler 1 Credits

Helps students choose equipment and materials to create a physical environment which is responsive to the infant/toddler total development. Staff considerations and time schedules will be explored.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE154 Literature for Preschool Children 1 Credits

Surveys books for use with preschool children. Includes techniques of storytelling and reading to children.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE155 Literacy and the Young Child 1 Credits

Emphasizes activities and materials for developing auditory and visual perception and other reading readiness skills in the preschool.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE156 Music in the Preschool Curriculum 1 Credits

Outlines activities and materials for teaching music in the preschool, including songs, dances and rhythm activities.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE157 Art in the Preschool Curriculum 1 Credits

Describes activities and materials for teaching art in the preschool, including creative development and enjoyment of art through various materials and activities.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE168 Infectious Diseases and First Aid 1 Credits

Provides information about infectious diseases and first aid measures in the child care setting. Course content will include recognizing communicable and acute illnesses, management of accidents and injuries, preventive measures, health education, current research, and community resources.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE200 The Exceptional Child 3 Credits

Surveys the characteristics and specific needs of special children. Emphasizes teaching and behavioral management as well as available support services.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE204 Principles of Child Guidance 3 Credits

Studies effective communication with children in guiding behavior. Emphasis will be placed on techniques which help children build positive self-concepts and individual strengths within the context of appropriate limits and discipline. The study includes uses of direct and indirect guidance techniques as well as introduction to guidance systems.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE231 Preschool Practicum: Early Childhood Lab 1 Credits

Prerequisites: ECE251 or consent of instructor Allows students to work directly with young children under supervision of a master teacher for three hours per week per credit. Students will contract with the instructor and supervisor for completion of projects. Projects will be related to such areas as routines in the preschool, advanced curriculum planning and implementation, or communication techniques with parents. Lesson plans will be completed and carried out with children.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE240 Administration of Preschool 3 Credits

Prerequisites: ECE250 Studies principles and practices in supervision and management of preschool and child care centers, including program planning, organization, budgeting, personnel records, relationships with community resources, regulatory agencies and working with parents.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE250 Intro to Early Childhood Education 3 Credits

Introduces students to early childhood education. This course includes the history of child care, regulations, types of programs, legal issues, professional opportunities and current trends and issues. Emphasis is placed on the role of the preschool teacher in enhancing the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of preschool-aged children.

Course # Course Title Credits
ECE251 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education 3 Credits

Prerequisites: ECE 250 Considers methods of planning and teaching curriculum for children 3-5 years old. Included will be curriculum development, children's play, lesson planning, and daily scheduling. Emphasis will be on curriculum development for children 3-5 years old in areas such as art, science, literature, music, language arts, block, dramatic play, etc.