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Course Descriptions

Electronics Technology

Course # Course Title Credits
ET104 Fabrication and Soldering Techniques 3 Credits

Introduces electronic fabrication skills, tool operations applied to fabrication techniques of simple circuit boards, reading of schematic diagrams, soldering, drafting and wire wrapping.

Course # Course Title Credits
ET117 Computer forensics 3 Credits

Introduction to the concept of using computer forensics to conduct a successful computer investigation. Covers acquiring digital evidence and reporting its findings. Covers fundamentals of setting up a forensics lab, acquiring the proper and necessary tools, and how to conduct an investigation and subsequent digital analysis.

Course # Course Title Credits
ET131 Dc for Electronics 3 Credits

Familiarizes students with fundamentals of electronics including how to read resistor color codes, decipher capacitor values, and use electronic schematics to build simple electronic devices. Students conduct laboratory experiments to apply theoretical concepts and will use standard or simulated laboratory instruments such as multimeters. Covers Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's Laws of voltage and current, and simple series and parallel circuits.

Course # Course Title Credits
ET132 Ac for Electronics 4 Credits

Prerequisites: ET131 or consent of instructor Familiarizes students with important electronic components, their schematic symbols and how to wire circuits on a solderless circuit board using diagrams. Introduces semiconductors, diodes, and basic theory of transistors and transistor amplifier configurations. Students conduct laboratory experiments and build electronic circuits utilizing these components. Soldering is introduced.

Course # Course Title Credits
ET155 Home Technology Convergence 4 Credits

Introduction to the components and technologies that make up the "Smart Home". The convergence of home entertainment audio/visual equipment, surveillance and security systems, computer networks, and telecommunications will be taught in both theory and application. Students will build, configure and install cables, wallplates, jacks, control modules and equipment to bring alive the multiple technologies commonly used in a home or small office environment.

Course # Course Title Credits
ET198 Spec Topics: Electronics 1 Credits

Explores various topics of current interest/demand in Electronics Technology.

Course # Course Title Credits
ET200 Electronics Projects .5 Credits

Prerequisites: ET131 or consent of instructor Studies special projects in Electronics Technology.