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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG103 Physical Geography 3 Credits

Prerequisites: MATH120,MATH126 or higher or consent of instructor Teaches the physical processes of geography, including maps, seasons, weather and climate. Includes at least four lab experiences.

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG104 Physical Geography Laboratory 1 Credits

Pre or Corequisite: GEOG103 or consent of instructor. Offers experimental and in-depth investigations designed to illustrate fundamental principles of physical geography..

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG106 Introduction to Cultural Geography 3 Credits

Analyzes the culture regions of the world including physical settings, peoples, settlements, economic activities, historical and political factions with primary emphasis on the Old World.

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG116 Oceanography 3 Credits

Prerequisites: Math 120 or higher or consent of instructor Fundamentals of oceanography covering a brief history. Including spatial aspects of geological, physical, chemical and biological oceanography. Emphasis on the role of oceans on climate change in the past, present and future.

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG121 Climate Change and Its Environmental Impacts 4 Credits

Reviews the past, present and likely future climate changes, together with its associated impacts on the landscape, with emphasis on water resources, species distributions, and wildfire regime.

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG200 World Regional Geography 3 Credits

Introduces the world's regions with concentration on parts of the world with which we may be less familiar - many of which are experiencing great changes and have a major impact on our lives in the United States. Specific areas that will be covered include Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG205 GIS Applications 3 Credits

Introduces a variety of common GIS applications. Through content, lectures and hands-on, students will use ArcInfo to complete a variety of tasks pertaining to the applications that are used in everyday GIS.

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG210 Introduction to Geotechnology 3 Credits

Introduces geotechnology, the technological advances used to describe, assimilate, or analyze spatial information. Emphasis is on GIS with discussions on GPS, remotely sensed imagery, Google Earth and other applications. The importation and joining of various datasets is described highlighting how a variety of data sources may be used for analysis of spatial features. Laboratory assignments will demonstrate real world applications derived from the lectures using ArcGIS desktop.

Course # Course Title Credits
GEOG211 Introduction to Maps and Compass 2 Credits

Introduces the basics of map interpretation. Covers the characteristics of the map, emphasizing its blending of scientific and artistic aspects. Students will delve into map making, interpretation, aerial photography and the use of a GPS to construct maps.