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Course Descriptions

Ed Professional Development

Course # Course Title Credits
EPD276 Management Methods for Substitutes .5 Credits

Offers practical methods and ready-to-use ideas for K-12 substitutes, including models of discipline, attentions signals, active participation, instant ideas, transition activities, methods for dealing with problem behavior, and inclusion strategies.

Course # Course Title Credits
EPD295 Special Topics in Educational Professional Development 1 Credits

Covers selected topics in education and critical and current issues in education. Repeatable as topics vary.

Course # Course Title Credits
EPD400 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Projects for Educators 1 Credits

Prerequisite: Educator within the Nevada Department of Education System or permission of instructor. Offers insight and methods for improving curriculum design and delivery. Provides students opportunities to design and refine assessment projects for PreK-12 curriculum. Project-based course. May be repeated up to three units.

Course # Course Title Credits
EPD410 Contemporary Pedagogical Strategies 1 Credits

Prerequisite: Instructor Approval Students choose a book(s) to study for professional growth. Each book chosen will include weekly reflections of required reading, lab work, and a self-designed final project. Weekly online discussions required.