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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
JOUR103 Introduction to Media and Society 3 Credits

Course designed to create more critically engaged consumers and producers of media. Gain an understanding of how print, broadcast, audio, video and digital media influence and interact with social conditions on the individual, national, and international levels. Systematically observe, interpret, and critique mass and networked media using principles grounded in the social sciences.

Course # Course Title Credits
JOUR120 Media in Modern Life 3 Credits

Explores the profound transition from life with mass media to life in networked media. Researches the meaning of media through anthropological, political and historical perspectives.

Course # Course Title Credits
JOUR201 Media Writing 3 Credits

Prerequisites: JOUR103. Teaches writing in journalistic and persuasive styles for mass media. Emphasis on analysis and organization of information, and clarity of expression.

Course # Course Title Credits
JOUR221 News Gathering & Writing 3 Credits