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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
FREN101 Conversational French I 3 Credits

Emphasizes spoken communication. Listening, reading and writing skills will be explored. A vocabulary of French-English words can be developed to suit student needs.

Course # Course Title Credits
FREN102 French, Conversational II 1 Credits

Prerequisites: FREN101 or consent of instructor Offers a second semester of Conversational French designed to continue and improve the skills learned in the first semester.

Course # Course Title Credits
FREN111 First Year French I 3 Credits

Develops language skills through practice in listening, speaking, reading, writing and structural analysis. Includes an introduction to French culture.

Course # Course Title Credits
FREN112 First Year French II 3 Credits

Prerequisites: FREN111 or equivalent or consent of instructor Continues with the second semester of the course to build on speaking, writing and reading skills in the French language.

Course # Course Title Credits
FREN212 Second Year French II 3 Credits

Prerequisites: FREN211 or equivalent or consent of instructor Continues structural review, conversation and writing and reading in modern literature.