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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
CUL100 Sanitation/HACCP 2 Credits

Covers all aspects of food service sanitation; focuses on causes and prevention of foodborne illness and the implementation of HACCP quality assurance systems. Includes lectures, demonstrations, and special projects. Students take the ServSafe Food Service Manager Certification exam. Passing confers NRA (National Restaurant Association) certification.

Course # Course Title Credits
CUL105 Basic Skills Development 3 Credits

Provides students with basic culinary skills to enroll in kitchen or baking production classes. Competencies include culinary history, professionalism, basic safety and sanitation, standardized recipe use and costing, basic nutrition and menu planning, introduction to ingredients, use of commercial kitchen equipment and hand tools, basic knife cuts and raw ingredient preparation.

Course # Course Title Credits
CUL106 Understanding Culinary Techniques I 6 Credits

Teaches introductory hot food cookery with emphasis on product utilization, cost effectiveness, timing and presentation. Students practice traditional and modern cooking techniques and good nutrition. Provides hands-on practice utilizing moist and dry heat cooking methods. Students prepare sauces, soups, starches, vegetables and center of the plate entrees. Some menus include practical baking of quick breads and home baked desserts. Chief instructors make frequent demonstrations to reinforce and amplify recipes and lectures.