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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH110L Biological Anthropology Lab 1 Credits

Corequisites: ANTH102 Provides practical experience in aspects of physical anthropology: the mechanisms of inheritance, osteology and forensic science, comparative anatomy and human evolution, and aspects of modern human variability.

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 Credits

Introduces human culture and society. Provides an understanding of human diversity through a comparative study of politics, religion, economics and social organization.

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH102 Introduction to Biological Anthropology 3 Credits

Recommended corequisite: ANTH 110L Explores the biological and evolutionary origins of humans through the examination of the fossil record, the study of primates, and the study of human biology.

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH198 Special Topics: Anthropology 1 Credits

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH201 Peoples & Cultures of the World 3 Credits

Offers a comparative survey of selected societies from throughout the world. Emphasis is on the impact of global developments on traditional societies.

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH202 Archaeology 3 Credits

Surveys archaeology in the Old and New Worlds. Examines methods used by archaeologists to describe and explain prehistoric cultures.

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH213 Introduction to Indigenous Peoples of the Great Basin 3 Credits

Introduces the Indigenous Nations of the Great Basin summarizing ethnographic and contemporary issues of Indigenous Nations of the Great Basin and the indigenous groups that are geographically adjacent and have influenced Basin cultures. Examines the archaeological documentation of pre-contact conditions. .

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH214 Introduction to Mesoamerican Prehistory and Archaeology 3 Credits

Introduces students to the archaeology and prehistory of Mesoamerica. Includes the development of complex societies in Mexico and Central America.

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH215 Introduction to Faith Witchcraft & Magic 3 Credits

Introduces students to the anthropological study of religion as a human institution. Examines the history, methods, and current status of the field.

Course # Course Title Credits
ANTH443 Environmental Archaeology 3 Credits

Topics selected from paleoecology, taphonomy, geoarchaeology, and dating methods. Lectures, readings, and field trips cover advanced principles, method and theory, and practical applications.