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Course Descriptions

Agricultural Science

Course # Course Title Credits
AGSC100 Elements of Livestock Production 3 Credits

Covers fundamental concepts in care, management, and economics of food producing animals. Includes contributions of the Nevada and U.S. animal industries in providing food on an international basis.

Course # Course Title Credits
AGSC102 Agriculture Communication & Organization 1 Credits

Prerequisite: None Designed for students interested in pursuing an agricultural career. Provides students with an in depth investigation into personal and interpersonal leadership. Teaches students to strengthen their leadership influence through a personal application of leadership skills, attitudes and dispositions.

Course # Course Title Credits
AGSC122 Intercollegiate Rodeo 2 Credits

Prerequisite: None Designed for men and women interested in rodeo as a knowledgeable spectator, producer, or participant. Covers rodeo history, current rules, equipment use, and physical and mental conditioning.

Course # Course Title Credits
AGSC163 Horsemanship 2 Credits

Prerequisite: None Demonstrates Western horseback riding techniques and equitation. Provides the foundation for good, basic, and effective horsemanship that can later be developed into more specialized. riding. Includes safety, handling, grooming, saddling, staling, feeding, health, exercise, and riding. All levels of ability are welcome as lab assignments are tailored to the skill levels of both student and horse.

Course # Course Title Credits
AGSC198 Special Topics in Agriculture 1 Credits

Prerequisite: None Selected agricultural topics offered for general interest in the agricultural community. Repeatable to a maximum of six units.

Course # Course Title Credits
AGSC206 Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition 3 Credits

Prerequisite: AGSC 100 or 105 Provides an overview of animal nutrition as the basis for livestock feeding and nutrition. Discusses the fundamentals of digestion and absorption in both ruminants and non-ruminants. Emphasizes the nutritive value of feeds as they relate to the formulation of livestock rations, including by-product feeding.

Course # Course Title Credits
AGSC211 Agribusiness Management 3 Credits

Applies business management principles to the operation of commercial farms/ranches and food processing/manufacturing firms.