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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
MUS103 Voice Class I 3 Credits

Teaches fundamentals of tone production, breath control and practical techniques involved in reading and interpreting songs.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS104 Voice Class II 3 Credits

Prerequisites: MUS103 Continues the skills learned in MUS 103.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS107 Guitar Class I 2 Credits

Studies basic guitar technique, bluegrass, classical and rock styles. No previous musical training required.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS108 Guitar Class II 2 Credits

Prerequisites: MUS107 or consent of instructor Continues development of skills learned in MUS 107.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS111 Piano Class I 3 Credits

Introduces the piano, including instruction in note reading, technique, theory and easy repertoire. Students work in a laboratory setting, each using their own electronic piano.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS112 Piano Class II 3 Credits

Prerequisites: MUS111 or consent of instructor Provides a continuation of MUS 111, a class in basic piano technique and theory.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS121 Music Appreciation 2 Credits

Analyzes styles and forms of music from the Middle Ages through the 20th century, and discusses musical instruments and major composers.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS124 History of the American Musical Theater 3 Credits

Offers a cultural, musical and theatrical survey of musical theatre in the United States, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS125 History of Rock Music 3 Credits

Explains how cultural, social, political and economic conditions have shaped rock music's evolution. Familiarizes the student with the history of rock music from its origins in Blues through contemporary rock styles. Prominent players and groups of each era will be covered, as well as sociological, economic and cultural factors that shaped the many styles of rock music. Extensive classroom listening will enhance the student's learning experience.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS134 Jazz Appreciation 3 Credits

Covers how Jazz music's evolution as an art form unique to the United States has both shaped and reflected the construction of our national identity. Teaches how social and cultural events led to the development of jazz music from 1890 through the 1960's. Prominent players and groups of each era will be covered, as well as sociological, economic and cultural factors that shaped the many styles of American Jazz as evolved.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS176 Musical Theatre Practicum I 1 Credits

Performance ensemble, centered on public performance of musical theatre literature. Repeatable up to 9 units.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS215 Technique of Songwriting 3 Credits

Offers a practical course in composing pop music. Analysis of hit songs and discussion of songs written by the class. Each student will compose melodies and lyrics, helping the poet with music and the musician with poetry.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS224 Special Studies in Music Literature 2 Credits

Prerequisites: pianists should be of intermediate level proficiency Focuses in depth on a special topic in music literature. Topics might include Baroque, classical, romantic, or 20th century keyboard literature. Students will explore musical topics through both lecture and their own performance of representative works. Class may be repeated for up to six credits.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS233 Recording Techniques and Midi I 2 Credits

Covers topics such as the job market, mics, consoles, tape recorders, and special effects. Teaches concepts including signal flow, multi-tracking, EQ, signal processing, MIDI, mixing and mastering. Students will learn to turn a Mac or PC into a multi-track studio.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS253 Jazz Improvisation I 2 Credits

Introduces the techniques of jazz improvisation in a laboratory setting.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS276 Musical Theatre Practicum II 1 Credits

Prerequisite: Six units of MUS 176. Continues skills learned in MUS 176. Repeatable up to 9 units.

Course # Course Title Credits
MUS299 Special Topics in Music 1 Credits