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Course Descriptions


Course # Course Title Credits
BUS101 Introduction to Business 3 Credits

Provides the student a broad background about the modern business world. An important course for students who are considering choosing a business major.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS107 Business Speech Communications 3 Credits

Focuses on speech communication skills. Includes effective listening and feedback methods, voice improvement, group and team interaction, developing messages for positive and negative audiences, preparation and presentation of an oral report.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS108 Business Letters and Reports 3 Credits

Prerequisite: ENG 95, 98, 99, or equivalent writing course or appropriate scored on WNC placement or equivalent exam. Students should meet with a WNC Counselor to determine readiness based on placement based on readiness exams, high school coursework, or other factors. Develops letter and report writing skills including proper word choice, letter tone, and structure. Demonstrates how these skills are best used in business letters, memoranda, reports and other business documents.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS110 Human Relations for Employment 1 Credits

Provides students/prospective employees with knowledge and understanding of self and others for effective interactions in the workplace. Emphasizes employability skills such as communication, work habits and attitudes, ethics, conflict management, motivation and problem solving.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS115 Business Mathematics 3 Credits

Reviews fundamental mathematical processes for the vendor and the consumer. Discounts, commissions, depreciation, overhead and interest rates are included.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS198 Special Topics 1 Credits

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS271 Introduction to Employment Law 3 Credits

Prerequisite: BUS 101. Recommend MGT 283 Provides a framework to develop productive and effective employers and employees in the workplace. Topics include federal and state labor and employment laws and how they impact employers, employees and the workforce environment.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS273 Business Law I 3 Credits

Teaches the nature and sources of law. Studies the court systems and law as related to contracts, negotiable instruments, sales, insurance, and agencies.

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS295 Work Experience I 1 Credits

Course # Course Title Credits
BUS299 Business Capstone 3 Credits

Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 45 units of requirements for an AAS degree in business or consent of instructor. Concludes various business concepts introduced throughout the business program by merging acquired skills and concepts through the business plan with additional emphasis on job preparation and business ethics.