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Information Desk
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Course Descriptions

Information Systems

Course # Course Title Credits
IS101 Introduction to Information Systems 3 Credits

Introduces the student to the role of computers in today's technology-driven environment, allowing for hands on lab experience. Students will be introduced to the Internet, distance education, and the World Wide Web for research, along with operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, database and basic multi-media. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate basic computer survival skills, understand computer terminology, and create data using a variety of software.

Course # Course Title Credits
IS201 Computer Applications 3 Credits

Prerequisites: IS101 or experience in office software. Develops the student's knowledge in integrated office productivity software. Topics will cover word processing, database, spreadsheets and working with macro programming. Coursework or experience using office software is essential for successful completion and gives students the foundation to pass expert level certification tests.

Course # Course Title Credits
IS301 Management Information Systems 3 Credits

Prerequisite: Admission to BAS Organization and Project Management program Introduces business applications, computers in organizations, systems development theory and practice, application develop methodology, changing technology, and concerns about computer security and privacy.