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Course Descriptions

Career Counseling

Course # Course Title Credits
CPD102 Career Exploration .5 Credits

Acquaints students in choosing a career suitable to them. Involves a systematic approach to making a career choice, covering self-assessment, decision making techniques, and current occupational information. Appropriate for those undecided as to a career direction or who wish more career information prior to focusing their academic studies.

Course # Course Title Credits
CPD116 Substance Abuse-Fundamental Facts and Insights 3 Credits

Covers topics related to substance abuse in society: identification of substance, reasons for abuse of alcohol and of drugs, signs and symptoms of substance abuse, and approaches and techniques recognized as effective in substance abuse counseling.

Course # Course Title Credits
CPD117 Introduction to Counseling 3 Credits

Presents an overview of basic communication and counseling skills and the foundations of the helping relationship. Includes experimental situations such as role playing and group exercises.

Course # Course Title Credits
CPD123 Career Choices and Changes 1 Credits

Offers career development and job seeking strategies. Acquaints students in choosing a suitable career and the necessary work readiness skills to gain and maintain successful employment. Includes Career assessment activities and employability skills training, such as job application, resume, and job interview skills. Covers disability rights and accommodations in the workplace.

Course # Course Title Credits
CPD125 Career Accelerators for Success 1 Credits

Provides opportunity to acquire and strengthen social and emotional intelligence skills (soft skills) the career differentiators in the 21st century workplace. The course leads from knowledge of self to interaction with others and other career accelerators. The course may include assessment tools such as StrengthsFinder and WorkKeys.

Course # Course Title Credits
CPD129 Communication Techniques 1 Credits

Teaches skills to help students become more assertive and improve their ability to communicate effectively. Covers communication techniques that can be used in the workplace and a variety of situations.