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Course Descriptions

Computer-aided Design and Drafting

Course # Course Title Credits
CADD100 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting 3 Credits

Prerequisite: IS 101 and MATH 110 or higher Uses AutoCAD software to produce working drawings. Emphasizes constructing and editing two-dimensional geometry and placing drawing annotation.

Course # Course Title Credits
CADD105 Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting 3 Credits

Prerequisites: CADD100 or consent of instructor Provides instruction and training in advanced two-dimension AutoCAD commands. Covers the use of symbols and symbol libraries. Introduces three-dimensional drawing.

Course # Course Title Credits
CADD120 Architectural Drafting I 3 Credits

Prerequisites: CADD100 or equivalent experience Stresses blueprint reading skills. Introduces residential working drawing concepts leading to a full set of professional level working drawings.

Course # Course Title Credits
CADD245 Solid Modeling and Parametric Design 3 Credits

Provides training and instruction in using parametric solid modeling software to create solid model parts, assemblies and working drawings.