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Course Descriptions

Core Humanities

Course # Course Title Credits
CH201 Ancient and Medieval Cultures 3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENG101 Provides an introduction to Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian culture through the Middle Ages.

Course # Course Title Credits
CH202 The Modern World 3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENG101 Explores the intellectual, literary and political history of Europe from the Renaissance to the present.

Course # Course Title Credits
CH203 American Experience & Constitutional Change 3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENG101 Emphasizes the origins of the U.S. and Nevada constitutions and issues such as equality and civil rights, individualism and civil liberties, federalism, environmentalism, urbanization and industrialization, as well as religious and cultural diversity. Satisfies the United States and Nevada Constitutions requirements.

Course # Course Title Credits
CH212 Science, Technology, and Society in the Modern Era 3 Credits

Prerequisite: Eng 101 Analyzes history and culture of the modern world, exploration of scientific revolutions and methods, rise and global spread of science-based technologies, and their impact on nature, the human body, society and the world.