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Course Descriptions

Human Dev and Family Studies

Course # Course Title Credits
HDFS201 Life Span Human Development 3 Credits

Studies human growth over the life span covering the biological influences on development and the processes of intellectual and social development. Reviews the family system and explores major challenges and developmental issues facing families today.

Course # Course Title Credits
HDFS202 Introduction to Families 3 Credits

Explores the dynamics of development, interaction, and intimacy of primary relationships in contextual and theoretical frameworks, societal issues and choices facing diverse family systems. This course is taught from a bio-psycho-social approach within the family ecological system context. It incorporates issues relevant to international families and diverse family arrangements within North America. Traditional issues of families are reframed, reconstructed, and questioned. Application of ideas to those working with families in a variety of settings including: physical health, mental health, economic and educational arenas.

Course # Course Title Credits
HDFS232 Diversity and the Young Child - a Multicultural Perspective 3 Credits

Considers the development of young children from the prenatal period through age 8, focusing on diversity among children. Diversity will be explored in cultural, ethnic and linguistic variations as well as differences in ability and typical/atypical development. Students will seek to understand development and its cultural variations so that teaching young children will be more effective, empathic and aware. This course will explore the many ways of growing up and the worldwide diversity of that process.