Dual credit is a program that allows high school students to earn both college and high school credits simultaneously. Each high school in the WNC service area determines which WNC courses can also count as high school credit. High school students that successfully complete approved WNC courses may have the college credit also apply towards high school graduation.


High school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors may enroll with consent from an official at their high school who can verify the student is in good standing. After applying for admission, high school students are required to submit a high school authorization form each academic year prior to registering. A parental signature is required on the form. To help ensure high school students are ready for the academic rigor of college, a WNC advisor must approve all high school students for enrollment. A student’s high school academic performance, test scores, WNC courses the student plans to take, and the recommendation of a high school official are some of the factors that may be used to determine approval.

High School students who have been officially excused from compulsory school attendance on the condition of equivalent instruction outside of the schools (home school students) may be approved on a case-by-case basis for enrollment if the student is a high school junior or senior, or if deemed academically talented if the student is a high school freshman or sophomore.

Students below the age of 14 will need to submit an official middle school or high school transcript to verify they are a high school freshman or higher grade level.  Permission from the instructor of each class the student wishes to enroll in must be obtained. Approval by a WNC Counselor and by the Director of Admissions and Records or her/his designee must also be granted. Students must submit an Enrollment Request form to enroll.

Upon successful completion of the WNC course, students must request that a WNC transcript be sent to their high school.

Dual credit is approved by each high school and subject to change. Students are advised to talk with their high school counselor before enrolling in a WNC course for dual credit.

Fees for High School Students Dual Credit

WNC offers online college courses at a discounted rate to Nevada high school students. Beginning with the fall 2022 semester, Nevada high school students will pay $85 per credit plus technology, Academic Success, web and lab fees where applicable.

Nevada high school students on free and reduced lunch programs will pay $58 per credit plus technology, Academic Success, web and lab fees where applicable.

Reduced fees are not available for the summer semesters.

Steps to Enroll in for High School Students

  • If a new student to WNC,  Apply for admission
  • Submit a high school authorization form, indicating the class(es) planned for enrollment.
    • A parental signature is required on the form.
    • A WNC advisor will need to see permission from the student’s high school to ensure the student is in good academic standing. If the student is enrolling in the courses on their own and is not associated with an affiliated program, it is up to the student to contact their high school to provide appropriate approval to the college. They may send email approval to counseling@wnc.edu
    • Allow up to five business days for processing once approval from the high school is recieved.
  • Register for class(es) via myWNC.

Home school students may be approved for enrollment if the students is a high school junior or senior, or if deemed academically talented if a freshman or sophomore.

WNC Online Classes

  • Conducted online through the WNC Online (Canvas) site
    • View Canvas tutorials
    • View Canvas first time login instructions
  • Critical information about online classes:
    • You must take the initiative to go through all the steps to get started with the class!
    • Online classes are not faster or easier that traditional college classes
    • You must be ready to begin the class (signed up through Canvas, etc.) by the first day of the semester
    • Pay attention to deadlines for assignments, quizzes and tests and make sure they are submitted by the due date (otherwise the computer will not accept them)
    • Let the instructor know if you have any question or concerns about the class

Where to go for Help

  • Advising Questions: 775-445-3267