Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrentenrollmentis more commonly known as dual enrollment. It is when students are enrolled in two schools simultaneously. The steps on this page are specifically related to students wanting to take dual enrollment courses taught by college-approved high school teachers in a secondary (high school) environment.

Concurrent and dual enrollment partnerships and early college programs successfully transition students from high school to college. Concurrent enrollment brings a low-cost college opportunity to students in urban, suburban, and rural high schools. Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college, while in their supportive high school environment, earning transcripted college credit at the time they successfully pass the course.

Admissions and Enrollment Checklist
  The student applies to Western Nevada College apply now
  Submit the online High School Authorization Form, electronically signed by parent and student:

  Submit the online Enrollment Request to add classes form

  Access personal email for WNC Welcome message which will include the students Nevada System of Higher Education 10-digit ID number.

Follow the WNC email message directions to create a personal login password. The login allows access to the WNC online MyWNC student center and CANVAS.

  Review the College Opportunities for High School Students Handbook:

  Access myWNC Student Center to view your class(es)
  If you have questions, contact the WNC Counseling Office, 775-445-3267
  Have a great semester!