Homeschool Opportunities

HomeschoolGrads WNC is proud to support a vibrant homeschool community with dual credit opportunities that enable students to align their high school curriculum with college courses, on a pathway to earning an associate degree at the same time that they complete high school.

Many families are reconsidering their childs high school education during this time, and WNC is pleased to provide an alternative pathway to academic excellence.

Our Carson City campus has an active student group, self-named the Nerd Herd.

Club members meet bi-weekly to plan events, hang out as friends, and make connections on campus. Rebecca Bevans is a well-liked professor of Psychology at WNC, and serves as this groups advisor. She is dedicated to helping our homeschool students thrive.

To learn more about home school opportunities, contact:

Academic Advising for Home School Students: Tricia Wentz

Student Club Advisor for the Nerd Heard: Rebecca Bevans

Parent Resources:

Carson City School District Homeschool Information:

Washoe County School District Homeschool Information:

Douglas County School District Homeschool Information:

Lyon County School District Homeschool Information:

Nevada State Homeschooling Information:

Education Plan Millennium Scholarship Flyer Notice of Intent to Homeschool Notice of Intent to Homeschool with Participation

Homeschool Admissions and Enrollment Checklist

  Make an appointment to meet with the WNC Homeschool Advisor to discuss options, enrollment steps, course placement, and advising. Contact Academic Advising & Access at 775.445.3267 or email Tricia Wentz

The student applies to Western Nevada College 

Apply Today!

  Complete a Wildcat Welcome Orientation
  Access personal email for WNC Welcome message which will include students Nevada System of Higher Education 10-digit ID number.
Follow the WNC email message directions to create a personal login password. The login allows access to the MyWNC student center for course enrollment and account management.
  Nevada Receipt of Notice of Intent to Homeschool is required for first term of enrollment submit to WNC Admissions and Records Office
  Submit the High School Authorization Form to the WNC Admissions and Records Office.
Parents of homeschool students sign as high school official
  Students under the age of 14 must request approval for course registration. Contact Admissions and Records and submit the Enrollment Request form
  Be aware of semester dates and deadlines including payment deadlines and add/drop dates.
  Log into MyWNC to enroll in advised classes. Use the search for classes button or click on enroll to input the course call numbers
  Pay WNC tuition and fees through MyWNC student center account.
  Access information about required textbook and resource materials on the WNC Bookstore webpage.
Purchase/Rent required course materials.
  Access MyWNC Student Center for class location information.
  Begin semester classes!