The possession of a firearm or other instruments commonly used to inflict bodily harm is prohibited at Western Nevada Community College and all other NSHE institutions. All persons who attend classes, are employed by the college, are visiting the college or who otherwise have business within NSHE, are prohibited from carrying weapons, concealed or otherwise (with or without a permit), on their person or in their vehicles or anywhere on college property. Nevada Certified Peace Officers, who currently work with a law enforcement agency, or persons who obtain written permission from the WNC President or his/her designee, are excluded from the NO Weapons policy.

The NSHE Board of Regents NO Weapons policy is enforceable under the Nevada Revised Statutes, 202.265 and 202.3673.

What to Do:

Whenever a staff member observes or becomes aware that a person on the college campus is in possession of a firearm or other instrument commonly used to inflict bodily injury, he/she should:

  • Notify his/her supervisor.
  • Call 911.
  • Notify University Police Services at 3308 or 775-230-1952.