Explosions can occur from many sources. Some of these sources are electrical problems, chemical or natural gas release, bombs, or aircraft accidents.

After an explosion, the main focus of everyone on campus should be toward assisting the injured and safeguarding against fires and gas leaks. The immediate response of outside resources such as the Fire Department, Police Department, and utilities companies will be needed to effectively deal with the situation.

What to Do:

If this type of emergency ever occurs:

  • Try to remain calm and prepare yourself for further explosions by crawling under a table or desk.
  • Stay away from windows, mirrors, overhead fixtures, filing cabinets, bookcases and electrical equipment.
  • Do not move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate danger of being killed by a subsequent fire, building collapse, or other occurrence.
  • Open doors carefully and watch for falling objects. Do not use elevators.
  • Do not use open flames such as matches or lighters. Avoid smoking in the vicinity.
  • Call the appropriate emergency responder. Call 9-1-1; then notify University Police Services. (telephone electronics may spark, do not use within 50 feet of the explosion or inside a building)

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