Beginning in Fall 2019, WNC is switching from Carson City CodeRed to NSHE E2Campus in order to provide the WNC community with emergency notifications and updates. These systems allows WNC to send out mass text, email and phone messages to all students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency.

Text messaging is the fastest and most reliable communication in an emergency situation. For this reason, College Council approved and endorses that all employees keep their cell phones with them and keep them on. Academic Faculty must also allow students to have their cellphones on vibrate during scheduled classes. The two exceptions are: 1) If one or more students create a distraction, the instructor can require that the involved students turn off their phones. 2) When it is a requirement of an examination and/or other academic situation. In the case of both exceptions the instructor shall have their cellphone number in the CodeRed database and shall have their phone on vibrate to pick-up a CodeRed call during this time frame.

The text message is transmitted much faster than a voice message. Taking action from a CodeRed text message is important! In order to receive emergency calls and text messages from WNC using CodeRed, it is essential that WNC obtain up-to-date contact information from everyone. The links below will direct you to the appropriate location to update your contact information.

To update your CodeRed text and telephone data go to this link:

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