Campus community members will be advised to evacuate a college building during an emergency or for other safety reasons. The signal to evacuate will normally be given through the use of fire alarm bells/horn system or verbally during a gas leak emergency.

Since gas is lighter than air, it will rise to the ceiling level of a room and work its way down to the floor. An explosion can be caused if the fire alarm bells/horns, telephone, or appliances in the affected area are used.

What to Do:

When the fire alarm bells/horns sound or you are verbally advised to evacuate a building or area:

Remain calm, and leave the building and/or area in a safe and orderly manner.

As you are leaving the building:

  • Assist disabled persons or others requiring assistance.
  • Hold on to handrails while on the stairway.
  • Do not use elevators, matches or lighters.
  • Proceed to a safe location away from the danger after leaving the building or area.

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