Injuries and illness can occur at the College. They can range from minor incidents to life-threatening.

What to Do:

Whenever you observe or are informed of a medical emergency:

  • Immediately call 911, notify WNC emergency medical responders at 775-230-1952 or 775-721-3132 or the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 775-445-3327 or 775-530-7475 or University Police Services at 775-445-3308. In life-threatening situations, notify 9-1-1. Report that you have a medical emergency at 2201 West College Parkway. Send someone to meet the responders and direct them to your location. Then notify University Police Services. If the incident involves blood or other body fluids, ensure that responders are aware of the fact.
  • Keep the ill or injured person as comfortable as possible while waiting for the officer or medical assistance to respond. Do not move an injured person unless not doing so may cause serious injuries or death.
  • Administer first aid to the level of your training. Use personal protective barrier devices when rendering first aid where there is a chance of exposure to bodily fluids (blood, vomit, saliva, etc)
  • Provide the responding officer and Supervisor with your version of what happened after the ill or injured persons needs are taken care of and the incident has concluded.