The college does not maintain auxiliary power units to provide emergency power. During a power outage, please remain in the rooms until advised to leave the building. Generally, the power will come back on after a few minutes.

What to Do:

If the building your in has a power outage:

  • Remain calm.
  • If you are teaching a class, have the students remain seated and stand by for instructions from a University Police Services officer or a Buildings and Grounds employee. University Police Services personnel will move through the hallways to provide information and assistance.
  • Provide assistance to visitors, students and other staff in your immediate vicinity. Give special attention to persons who may require an elevator to exit the building.
  • If you are stuck in an elevator, use the Elevator emergency button to notify University Police Services of your presence therein.
  • Leave the building in an orderly manner when requested to do so by a University Police Services or a Buildings and Grounds employee.
  • Leave the building if the fire bells/horns are activated.