Besides complying with local, state and federal laws, WNC adheres to a code of conduct that is printed in the college catalog. The code establishes behavior standards for the entire campus community (students, staff, and visitors). When followed, the code allows the teaching and learning process to move forward without people disruption.

The underlying reason causing a disruption can usually be dealt with after the incident. What matters most during an incident are the victims of the disruption, the other students. Therefore, it is important to deal with the disruptors actions in a formal manner by first addressing the problem through verbal direction, then documenting the incident on a Student Conduct/Discipline Report.

Whenever disruptive individuals fail to comply with staff direction, University Police Services should be immediately notified.

What to Do:

Whenever you observe or are the subject to unruly or disruptive acts by an individual, do the following:

    • If the disruption is occurring outside the classroom setting, notify University Police Services and wait for an officer to respond to the scene.
    • If the disruption occurs in a classroom, the instructor should try to deal with the situation by requesting the individual to stop his/her conduct. Immediately notify the University Police Services if the individual continues to disrupt.
    • For either of the above situations, prepare and forward a Student Conduct Disruption/Discipline Report to the Dean of Student Services through the Division Chair.

NOTE: Knowing that something will be done about a disruptive or unruly act tends to dissuade similar actions from occurring in the future.

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