Designed for students or current peace officers seeking to advance their future in criminal justice. Students will gain knowledge and skills to obtain employment in various criminal justice occupations. Current peace officers can apply for Intermediate and Advanced POST certificates at an accelerated rate.

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Required Courses

Course Title Units
Total Requirements 30 Units
Program Requirements 21 Units
CRJ 104 Introduction to the Administration of Justice 3
CRJ 164 Principles of Investigation 3
CRJ 106 Introduction to Corrections 3
or CRJ 211 Police in America  
CRJ 222 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
CRJ 225 Criminal Evidence 3
CRJ 270 Introduction to Criminology 3
Program Elective   3
General Education Requirements 6 Units
English/Communications Requirement:
Must include writing course
Mathematics Requirement 3
General Elective 3 Units
Please see the Certificate of Achievement page for a list of all courses filling general education requirements.

Suggested Course Sequence

CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Certificate of Achievement
First Semester Units Second Semester Units
CRJ 104 3 General Elective 3
CRJ 222 3 CRJ 106 or CRJ 211 3
CRJ 164 3 CRJ 225 3
English/Communication 3 CRJ 270 3
Program Elective 3 Mathematics 3