The Certificate of Achievement in Computer Information Technology allows a student to gain foundational knowledge and earn different  industry recognized certifications that align with specific job opportunities in a variety of technology areas such as programming, front end or back end developer, networking, cybersecurity, IT program management and other emerging fields.  Students may pursue different areas of personal or professional interests based on their choice of electives.

Please see the Certificate of Achievement page for a list of all courses filling general education requirements.

Required Courses

Course Title Units
Total Requirements 30 Units
Program Requirements 21 Units
CIT 112 Network+ 3
CIT 114 IT Essentials 4
CIT 128 Introduction to Software Development 4
CIT 217 Security + 3

Choose 7 units from the following program electives: 

Any Computer Information Technology (CIT) course (units vary)
INF 100 Introduction to informatics I - Basic Concepts 3
CS 135 Computer Science I 3
CS 202 Computer Science II 3
General Education Requirements 9 Units
English/Communications: Must include a writing course 3
Mathematics Requirement 3
Human Relations Requirement 3

Suggested Course Sequence

First Semester Units Second Semester Units
CIT 112 3 CIT 217 3
CIT 114 4 Program Elective 7
CIT 128 4 Mathematics 3
English/Communication 3 Human Relations 3