The Associate of Arts degree is for students planning to transfer with junior standing to a four-year college or university for a bachelors degree.

This degree allows early choices for those planning a professional life in art, communication, education, history, psychology, social sciences, social work or a related field.

The mission of the Associate of Arts degree program is to provide the academic knowledge and skills for successful transfer to meet higher education goals.

The successful student will:

  • Meet the institutional student learning outcomes (1-6).
  • Identify, describe and apply information, theories, methodologies and approaches from social sciences, humanities or arts.
  • Produce effective projects, papers and reports.
  • Integrate knowledge and skills from the study of social sciences, humanities or arts to think critically about and develop solutions to contemporary or enduring problems.
  • Be prepared to succeed at a transfer institution.

Bachelor Degree Pathways

WNC has 2+2 partnerships with UNR and many other institutions to make completing your degree at WNC and transferring later as smooth as possible. The Associate of Arts degree is designed so students may tailor it to meet degree requirements for a variety of majors at transfer institutions.

Explore your creative side by studying art history, painting, sculpture, ceramic, photography, print making and digital media. Careers in graphic design, interior design, teaching and more are possible with an art degree.

Criminal Justice
Students can explore and prepare for various career opportunities in criminal justice, law enforcement, parole and probation and more.

Educating Nevadas youth is a rewarding career that is in high demand in our state. Through a partnership with Nevada State College, students who earn an AA at WNC can take classes at WNC and online to earn a bachelors degree without leaving the area. Students can also transfer to UNR or another college to pursue a degree in education.

General Studies
Students who are undecided about their career or feel their interests require an individualized approach can explore a variety of academic disciplines and professional fields.

Graphic Design
Students interested in earning a bachelor degree in Graphic Design can complete an Associate of Arts degree at WNC and then transfer and earn a bachelor degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. Courses with an * direct transfer to UNR. Students should work closely with a counselor when planning their schedules.

An appreciation for research and historic exploration can open doors to career opportunities that value historical research and writing skills, such as teaching, research analytics, archiving, law, and more.

Human Development & Family Studies
A passion to work with individuals and families can lead to a variety of career options. HDFS grads are in demand in businesses, community settings and organizations because of their knowledge of family and group dynamics and their skills in program development and training.

Turn your passion for storytelling into a career in news, advertising, public relations, and other media. The professional world has many opportunities for individuals with an ability use written and oral communication to influence others.

Psychology is one of the largest majors at UNR and complements many career fields. Understanding principles of behavior can aid in communication, supervising and many other facets of professional life.

If society and social classes interest you, then sociology is your career path. Students with this bachelors degree pursue careers in criminal justice, journalism political science and more.

Social Work WNC/UNR 3+1 Collaborative
As a profession, social work supports the welfare of individuals in a community by tackling problems related to poverty, discrimination, addiction, domestic violence and disabilities. Students can complete nearly 3 years (5 semesters) of a UNR social work bachelor degree at WNC.

Program Requirements

Liberal Arts
6 units

Choose from the following. Courses used to meet general education
requirements may also be used to fulfill Liberal Arts requirements:
Any foreign language course numbered 200 or higher (AM 147, 148 accepted)
ART, ENG, MUS, THTR numbered 200 or higher
CH, HIST, PHIL numbered 200 or higher
ANTH, CRJ, ECON, HGPS, PSC, PSY, SOC, SW numbered 200 or higher
GEOG 200, HDFS numbered 200 or higher

Transfer Requirements or General Electives
3338 units

Students should utilize this area to take courses that meet requirements for their major at their intended transfer school. Those who have not yet selected a major may choose from among any university transferable courses to explore their options. Students planning to transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno should obtain a transfer agreement from WNC Counseling Services or the UNR Transfer Center.

Course Title Units
General Education Requirements 33-38 Units
English/Communications 6-8 Units
English: 100 or 101, 102
Fine Arts 3 Units
Art: 100, 101*, 135, 124, 141, 175, 160, 211, 214, 231, 260, 261
English: 261
History: 203
Humanities: 101
Music: 121, 124, 125, 176
Music: Ensemble: 101*, 131, 135
Theatre: 100, 105*, 180
* Course may not meet the fine arts requirement at all universities. Please see a counselor.
Humanities 3 Units
Core Humanities: 201, 202, 212
English: 200, 223
History: 105, 106, 208, 209, 247
Philosophy: 101, 135, 200, 203, 204, 207, 210, 224, 245
UNR transfer students, choose at least one of the following courses:
Core Humanities: 201, 202
History: 105, 106
Philosophy: 200, 207, 245
Mathematics 3 Units
Mathematics: 120, 124, 126, 127, 128, 176, 181, 182
Statistics: 152
Science 6 Units
Anthropology: 102, 110L
Astronomy: 109, 110, 120
Atmospheric Sciences: 117
Biology: 100, 113, 190, 191, 200
Chemistry: 100, 121, 122
Environmental Studies: 100, 101
Geography: 103, 104, 116, 121
Geology: 100, 101, 102, 103, 105, 201
Nutrition: 121
Physics: 100, 151, 152, 180 & 180L
Note: Completion of CHEM 121 or BIOL 190, BIOL 223 and BIOL 224, and BIOL 251 fulfills the science general education requirement.
Social Sciences 3 Units
Choose from the following list:
Anthropology: 101, 201, 202, 212, 215
Core Humanities: 203
Criminal Justice: 101, 102, 104
Economics: 100, 102, 103
Geography: 106, 200
History: 101, 102, 111, 217
Journalism: 103
Political Science: 101,103, 208, 231
Psychology: 101, 102, 233, 234, 240, 257, 261
Sociology: 101
U.S. & Nevada Constitution 3-6 Units
Must meet both requirements. Choose from:
Core Humanities: 203
History: 111
History: 101 and one of the following:
HIST 102, HIST 217, PSC 100, PSC 208
Political Science: 101, 103

Suggested Course Sequence

Course Title Units
Year One
First Semester
ENG 100 or 101 3
Social Science 3
Educational Psychology 150 3
STAT 152, MATH 120 3
Science Requirement 3
Second Semester
ENG 102 Composition II 3
U.S./Nevada Constitution 3
Fine Arts Course 3
Humanities Requirement 3
Science Requirement 3
Year Two: Third & Fourth Semester
Take courses that meet requirements for the major at intended transfer school.