Students are introduced to the many welding certifications available by meeting the standards of the American Welding Society codes. This includes instruction on code certification required by the American Petroleum Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Required Courses

Course Title Units
Shielded Metal Arc-Welding and Gas Metal Arc-Welding
WELD 211 Welding I 3
WELD 212 Welding I Practice 2
WELD 221 Welding II 3
WELD 222 Welding II Practice 2
Fluxed-Core Welding and Gas Tungston Arc-Welding
WELD 231 Welding III 3
WELD 232 Welding III Practice 2
WELD 241 Welding IV 3
WELD 242 Welding IV Practice 2
AWS Code Exam
WELD 250 Welding Certification Preparation 9