Mechatronics & Electronics Technology

The Mechatronics and Electronics degree develops knowledge and skills needed for career progression in an automated Advanced Manufacturing environment where the integration of computers and electronic technologies control industrial systems and machines.

The purpose of the Associate of Applied Science degree in Mechatronics and Electronics Technology is to provide employment-related knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a professional in a chosen field of study.

Students who complete an Associate of Applied Science Mechatronics and Electronics Technology are expected to:

  • Know the subject matter appropriate to the emphasis of the degree. 
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately, in oral and written form. 
  • Locate, evaluate and properly utilize the tools and resources appropriate to a technology degree professional. 
  • Acquire skills and perform tasks necessary for employment or career enhancement.
  • Develop an appreciation of the importance of social, ethical, legal and diversity issues. 
  • Develop an appreciation of the need and importance of lifelong learning. 

Required Courses


ELM 110

Basic Electricity

ELM 112

Electrical Theory DC

ELM 127 Introduction to AC Controls 3
ELM 129 Electric Motors & Drives 3
ELM 134 Programmable Logic Controllers I 3
ELM 140 Industrial Robotics 3
MPT 111 Fundamentals of Manufacturing and Automation I 3
MPT 112 Fundamentals of Manufacturing and Automation II 3
MPT 160 Mechanical Drive Systems I 3
OSH 222 General Industry Safety 1
Choose 8 units from the following program electives:
Any AIT, CADD, DFT, ELM, ENGR, ENRG, ET, MPT, MT, or MTT course units vary
English/Communications:  Must include a writing course 6
Mathematics:   Recommend MATH 126 3
Science 3
Human Relations 3
Humanities/Social Science 3
U.S. and Nevada Constitution 3
General Elective 3
Please see the Associate of Applied Science page for a list of all courses filling general education requirements.


Suggested Course Sequence

First Semester Units Third Semester Units
ELM 110 3 ELM 129 3
ELM 112 3 ELM 134 3
MPT 111 3 Program Electives 4
OSH 222 1 U.S./NV Constitution 3
Math Course 3 English/Communication 3
Second Semester Units Fourth Semester Units
ELM 127 3 MPT 160 3
MPT 112 3 ELM 140 3
Program Elective 4 General Electives 3
English/Communication 3 Science 3
Human Relations 3 Social Science/Humanities 3