Automotive Mechanics (AAS - Technology)

This program offers students an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and technical theory for a successful career as an automotive mechanic. Individuals who are now employed in the automotive mechanics field will be able to upgrade their knowledge. Students obtaining this associate degree will have completed courses of a very technical nature, chosen to complement each other and provide breadth and depth of diagnostic and repair skill abilities necessary to work in a service facility.

The mission of the Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Mechanics is to provide employment-related knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a professional in a chosen field of study.

Students who complete an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Mechanics are expected to:

  • Know the subject matter appropriate to the emphasis of the degree. (WNC SLO 1,3,6,7)
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately, in oral and written form. (WNC SLO 2)
  • Locate, evaluate and properly utilize the tools and resources appropriate to a technology degree professional. (WNC SLO 1,6,7)
  • Acquire skills and perform tasks necessary for employment or career enhancement. (WNC SLO 1,7)
  • Developed an appreciation of the importance of social, ethical, legal and diversity issues. (WNC SLO 5,7)
  • Developed an appreciation of the need and importance of lifelong learning. (WNC SLO 1)

Required Courses

Course Title Units
Total Requirements 60 Units
Program Requirements 36 Units
AUTO 101 Introduction to General Mechanics 3
AUTO 115 Auto Electricity & Electronics I 4
AUTO 117 Advanced Auto Electronics 4
AUTO 130 Engine Reconditioning 3
AUTO 145 Automotive Brakes 4
AUTO 155 Steering & Suspension 4
AUTO 160 Auto Air Conditioning and Heating 3
AUTO 210 Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles I 3
AUTO 225 Engine Performance I/Fuel & Ignition 4
AUTO 227 Engine Performance II/Emission Control 4
General Education Requirements 24 Units
English/Communications Requirement:
Recommend BUS 107 & 108; Must include a writing course
Human Relations Requirement
Recommend: BUS 110
Humanities/Social Science Requirement 3
Mathematics Requirement:
Recommend MATH 110
Science Requirement 6
U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirement 3
Please see the Associate of Applied Science page for a list of all courses filling general education requirements.

Suggested Course Sequence

First Semester Units Third Semester Units
AUTO 101 3 AUTO 155 4
AUTO 115 4 AUTO 160 3
AUTO 130 3 AUTO 227 4
BUS 107 3 Science 3
Mathematics 3    
Second Semester Units Fourth Semester Units
AUTO 117 4 AUTO 210 3
AUTO 145 4 BUS 108 3
AUTO 225 4 BUS 110 or Human Relations 3
Humanities/Social Science 3 Science 3
    U.S./NV Constitution 3