Graphic Design (AAS)

This program is designed for students who seek quick access to career fields involving print design, Web design, multimedia and animation. Students prepare for careers in graphic design for print and web, using current technologies. Coursework will provide students with knowledge and skills to create visual concepts and communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate consumers. Students interested in earning a bachelor degree in Graphic Design can complete an Associate of Arts degree at WNC and then transfer and earn a bachelor degree from the University of Nevada, Reno or Truckee Meadows Community College (granted through Nevada State College).

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Graphic Design will provide employment-related knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the Graphic Design field. The degree will meet educational criteria for employment and prepare the student for possible transfer to other colleges and universities to meet higher educational and professional goals.

Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design graduates are expected to:

  • Apply technical skills in current design technologies.
  • Identify and apply design concepts.
  • Develop a portfolio of work demonstrating design skills.
  • The combination of student learning outcomes for this program and general education.
  • Meet the WNC Institutional Student Learning Outcomes.

Required Courses

Course Title Units
Total Requirements 60 Units
Program Requirements 36 Units
ART 100* Visual Foundations 3
ART 101* Drawing I 3
GRC 116* Introduction to Digital Art and Design 3
GRC 175 Web Design I 3
or ART 260* Survey Art History I  
GRC 200* Design Thinking and Methodologies 3
GRC 210* Typography I 3
GRC 220* Graphic Design I 3
GRC 282 Motion Graphics for Video 3
ART 261* Survey of Art History II 3
GRC 294 Professional Portfolio 3
MKT 210 Marketing Principles 3
Any other ART class (Recommend: ART 141*, ART 124* or ART 214*) 3
General Education Requirements 24 Units
English/Communications Requirement:
Recommend: ENG 101* and ENG 102*
Mathematics Requirement:
Recommend Math 120* or higher
Human Relations 3
Science Requirement 3
U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirement 3
General Electives 6
**Courses transfer to UNR or TMCC. Students should work closely with a counselor when planning their schedules.
Please see the Associate of Applied Science page for a list of all courses filling general education requirements.

Suggested Course Sequence

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Associate of Applied Science
First Semester Units Third Semester Units
ART 100* 3 GRC 220* 3
ART 101* 3 GRC 175 or ART 260* 3
GRC 116* 3 GRC 282 3
English/Communication 3 Science 3
Mathematics 3 Human Relations 3
Second Semester Units Fourth Semester Units
ART Elective 3 ART 261* 3
GRC 200* 3 GRC 294 3
GRC 210* 3 MKT 210 3
English/Communication 3 U.S./NV Constitution 3
General Elective 3 General Elective 3