Policy: Policy 7-4-4: Use of land-line phones and verification of long distance charges Date Adopted: May 14, 2013
Department: Finance & Administration Contact: Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services
Statement: Western Nevada College telephone equipment and service is to be used for official college business. All WNC telephones and fax machines must be protected against unauthorized long distance usage. Phones or fax machines in open access areas should be designed so that long distance calls or faxes cannot be made or sent, and can only be made/sent with personal identification numbers (PIN). In these instances, personnel requiring long distance access must be assigned a PIN through the WNC Facilities Office.

Section 1: Usage Rules

  1. Personal toll calls and/or faxes should not be made from college telephone numbers.
  2. Reimbursement for these types of calls are paid to the Business Office within 30 days of the billing distribution and deposited in the college telephone account.
  3. All authorized billing codes will be assigned toll charges on direct dial calls and service charges based on the telephone companys monthly billing. An online report reflecting the information for the monthly billing will be provided to identified individuals linked to the PIN.
  4. Listing of long distance charges will be provided to the designated individual for identification and verification that all calls are college business related. The reports must be signed verifying that all calls are for college business.
  5. If not verified within 15 working days, a reminder is sent to the employee with a copy to the employees supervisor as a follow-up for the employee.
  6. If not verified within an additional five (5) working days, any employee in violation of this policy will lose access to long distance service and disciplinary action may be taken as appropriate.
  7. All land-lines costs are paid through the college telephone account.
    Telephone charges are generally considered to be unallowable as direct costs to federally funded sponsored projects.

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