Policy: Policy 6-1-1: Facility Use Policy Date Adopted: Feb 11, 2009
Department: Facilities Planning & Management Contact: Director
Statement: College facilities are available to faculty, students and campus organizations for sponsorship of various educational, recreational and social programs and/or events. College academic departments, administrative units and approved organizations may act as a sponsoring host for an external professional organization that is related to the sponsoring area's institutional role. If the primary audience of the scheduled event is not from the college, the group may be charged for use of the facilities. College facilities are available to external not-for-profit organizations and for-profit organizations providing educational programs. All facility rentals are on a space available basis, and must not interfere with the educational programs of the college. All facility rentals are scheduled through a process approved by the Chief Financial Officer. The Facilities Management and Planning Department, which also assists users with the preparation of the initial contract and any subsequent issues, is responsible for daily coordination of the process.

Table of Contents:

  1. Definitions and Restrictions
  2. Use of College Facilities by Non-College Groups
  3. Public Forums
  4. Sponsored Use
  5. Non-College Publications
  6. Direct Sales
  7. Long-Term or Continued Use
  8. Making Arrangements
  9. Liability Insurance
  10. Rental Fees and Services
  11. Cancellations and No Shows
  12. Exceptions
  13. Files/Forms

Section 1: Definitions and Restrictions

  1. College facilities are identified as all buildings and grounds owned or controlled by the college, including streets, sidewalks, parking lots, athletic fields, roadways and all other property owned or controlled by the college.
  2. An event is defined as any function, meeting, gathering, workshop, or seminar attended by others regardless of size and purpose.
  3. The use of college space can only be granted if such use is consistent with the mission of the college.
  4. The college and its facilities shall be used only in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and shall not be used for the purpose of organizing or carrying out any unlawful activity.
  5. The college and its facilities are provided primarily for the support of the regular educational functions of the college and the activities necessary for the support of these functions, which take precedence over any other activities.
  6. The use of the college facilities does not include the use of staff, services or equipment unless special arrangements are made in writing in advance and may include additional fees.
  7. There will be no eating or drinking in the facilities unless special arrangements are made in writing in advance. The renter is responsible for maintaining cleanliness during the scheduled event.
  8. All WNC buildings are non-smoking.
  9. Non-campus organizations, groups or individuals may not solicit during the first two weeks of classes and may apply through the presidents office for time to solicit.
  10. The use of alcohol at any event/program hosted by and/or held on WNC property must have prior approval from the presidents office. (See College Policy 1-6-1)
  11. Publicity for all events scheduled in campus facilities by non-college groups and/or organizations must clearly identify the college as the location and not as an event sponsor.
  12. To ensure adequate security measures are in place, security assessments by University Police Services are required for all non-classroom related events on any Western Nevada College campus that are open to any student, non-student, staff member, or the general public.
    1. If additional Public Safety staff is necessary or contract law enforcement services required, the costs of these additional services shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring group or individual. If funding is requested from the college, approval by the Chief Financial Officer is required.
    2. Only University Police Services has the authority to contact local law enforcement to provide these services or to schedule Public Safety staff at these events.

Section 2: Use of College Facilities by Non-College Groups

  1. Organizations eligible to use college facilities:
    1. Not-for-profit, educationally oriented associations and organizations
    2. Local, county, state and Nevada System of Higher Education system agencies and organizations
    3. Organizations that meet on campus and enhance the relationship between the college and the community or enhance the educational mission of the college
    4. Organizations that provide a community service and their use of College facilities do not compete with area business
  2. All non-sponsored, non-college organizations, groups, and individuals may be required to identify themselves and any products, information or materials distributed as being neither sponsored by, nor endorsed by the college. Prominent display of this disclaimer may be required to be prominently displayed at all times for the duration of the use.
  3. This policy also applies to all WNC employees using college space for personal non-college sponsored events.

Section 3: Public Forums

  1. Public expression in the form of freedom of speech and advocacy may be exercised on college property at such times and places, and in such a manner as to assure orderly conduct, the least possible interference with college responsibilities as an educational institution, protection of the rights of individuals in the vicinity of college facilities, and reasonable protection of persons against practices that would make them involuntary audiences.
  2. In the spirit of open discussion and freedom of expression, the college will not discourage any group from using designated college facilities or services to render an opinion as long as the college determines the time, place, and manner of presentation of the views in question. The college will not attempt to control the viewpoint of the speaker.
    1. Such activities shall be consistent with maintenance of college facilities and the free flow of persons and shall not interfere with other scheduled activities. Interference with entrances to buildings, classroom, offices or study areas is strictly prohibited.
    2. Reservation forms may be picked up at the Public Safety Office in the Bristlecone Building. Public safety can be reached at (775) 230-1952. An approved reservation form must be in the possession of the person who is present and that person must be within the reserved location for the duration of the use of the area.
    3. Arrangements for amplified sound must be made in advance. The privilege to use amplified sound may be withdrawn if such sound interferes with academic instruction, scheduled events, normal business of the college, or the general public.
    4. If scheduling allows, the following spaces are identified as available for public forums:
      1. Carson Campus: Marlette Hall, Carson Nugget Hall, Rotary Plaza, and Reynolds Building, rm. 103
      2. Fallon Campus: Art Gallery
      3. Douglas Campus: Student Lounge

Section 4: Sponsored Use

  1. Sponsored use of space by non-college organizations, groups and individuals shall follow the guidelines above.
  2. All notices, advertisements, literature or other communications for the event must clearly represent the event as sponsored by the non-college group and include contact information.
  3. The on-campus sponsor must be present with the off-campus group at all times they are on campus including set-up and teardown.
  4. The campus sponsor may assume responsibility for scheduled fees and charges resulting from the use of WNC facilities

Section 5: Non-College Publications

  1. Prior to display or distribution, all non-college publications must be approved by the Information and Marketing Department.
  2. The on-campus distribution of non-college publications, notices, advertisements, literature or other communications must be approved by the college and is limited to approved distribution area.

Section 6: Direct Sales

  1. Direct sales are not allowed on college properties except for those agencies that have contracted with the college to do so.
  2. On-campus marketing for credit cards companies is prohibited.

Section 7: Long-Term or Continued Use

  1. Long-term or continued use of WNC facilities requires a WNC lease agreement approved by the vice president for Finance and Administrative Services or designee(s).

Section 8: Making Arrangements

  1. The Facilities Management and Planning Department is responsible for approving, coordinating and scheduling the use of all space for non-instructional events as defined above in accordance with college policy.
  2. Arrangements to use designated areas must be made at least ten business days in advance of the requested event date, and can be made by contacting the facilities management and planning department.
  3. A signed facility use form must be on file with the facilities management and planning department two business days prior to the start of an event.

Section 9: Liability Insurance

  1. The facility user shall carry commercial general liability insurance as indicated below:
    1. Commercial General Liability: (minimum limits)
    2. Each Occurrence $1,000,000
    3. Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $1,000,000
    4. Personal and Advertising Injury $1,000,000
    5. General Aggregate $1,000,000
  2. The Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education must be named as an additional insured with respect to their liability arising out of the facility users activities.
  3. An Accord 25 Certification of Insurance form or a form substantially similar must be submitted to the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education as evidence of the insurance policies and coverage s required of the facility user. The certificate shall require that NSHE be given 30 days notice of cancellation or material change in coverage.

Section 10: Rental Fees and Services

  1. Short-term rental fees do not include the use of staff, services or equipment unless special arrangements are made in writing in advance and may include additional fees. See attached WNC Facility Use Rate Structure for the fee and charge schedules.
  2. Payment for room use is payable to Board of Regents and submitted directly to the colleges Facilities Management and Planning Department. The Facilities Management and Planning Department coordinates the due date for payment.
  3. Coordination for other services is made through the Facilities Management and Planning Department.
  4. Appeals and Waivers
    1. Appeals of decisions made under these guidelines may be addressed in writing to the college president.
    2. Waiver requests for facility use fees must be submitted in writing to the vice president of Finance and Administrative Services with the facility use request form. The request must include the basis for the request (i.e., conducting the event/activity on the WNC campus would support or benefit the educational mission of the college by).

Section 11: Cancellations and No Shows

  1. Cancellation of a facility use contract should be made as far in advance as possible to allow other groups the opportunity to use WNC facilities.
  2. Reservations canceled 48 hours or less prior to an event/meeting may result in the assessment of charges to the sponsoring group.
  3. A reservation that has not been canceled prior to the event will be considered a no show and the group may incur charges.

Section 12: Exceptions

  1. Any exceptions to this policy require the written approval of the college president or his/her designee(s).

Section 13: Files/Forms

  1. Audiovisual Rental Rates
  2. Facility Use Agreement Form
  3. Facility Use Rates
  4. Facility Use Request Form

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