Policy: Policy 5-3-2: Media and Equipment Loan Date Adopted: May 11, 2004
Department: Library & Media Services Contact: Director

Table of Contents:

  1. Students
  2. Faculty

Section 1: Students

  1. Media equipment is available for loan to WNC students upon presentation of a library card or a photo ID with proof of enrollment.
  2. Carson Campus equipment that circulate to WNC students only:
    1. Audio Players & Recorders: 24 hours, Friday checkouts are due back Monday at 9:00 am.

Section 2: Faculty

  1. Media equipment must be scheduled 24 hours in advance for delivery to classrooms on the Carson Campus, Fallon Campus, Douglas Center and rural teaching centers.
  2. Borrowing privileges are also extended to specific institutions where we have reciprocal borrowing agreements.

Date(s) Revised December 9, 2008; September 2, 2008; Date(s) Reviewed